We are Ellie, Michaela, Juanita and Cara. We each have our unique stories to share, which we hope will inspire others to make the most of life and take on the daily challenges that SMA can bring.

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There are many challenges we face living with SMA, and I am always looking for ways to make life a little easier. I am committed to protecting the environment, I am an animal activist and politically active, so I am constantly on the go and attend many functions. I am looking forward to sharing my tips and tricks.


Hey awesome person reading this I am Michaela. I’m 25 and I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2. No matter what, I tackle every challenge with a can do attitude. I hope you find some inspiration from my content and look forward to you tuning in soon <3


Living with SMA my whole life, I am passionate about the future progression and advocacy by and for those of us with lived experience. I enjoy the chance to connect with others with SMA, and have learnt so much with the SMA community. I believe that engineers and experts in a variety of different fields would benefit from the utilisation of skills and knowledge of those living with SMA, co-design is the way forward! Let’s make it happen!


As a mother and grandmother, I am passionate about prioritising my family life. SMA has significantly challenged my ability to be independent – it’s my primary focus in life. But now I realise it is ok to ask for support. The more support I get the more I can be with my family.

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