Neuromuscular clinics specialising in SMA

Neuromuscular clinics provide specialised care for neuromuscular
conditions, including SMA. Coordinated care through a
neurologist is recommended, and SMA clinics offer proactive

SMA care centre locations

Locations of treatment clinics can vary. While some people may be fortunate to live near one, those who don't may choose to receive regular care at a medical centre that is closer to home, or build their own care team with specialists in their community.

SMA care centre locations
SMA care centre locations
SMA care centre locations
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1. Mercuri E et al. Neuromuscul Disord. 2018;28(2):103-115.

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Diagnosis and Testing

A diagnosis of SMA is made with the help of genetic testing. Children and adults with SMA share a similar diagnostic journey.

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