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Neuromuscular clinics provide specialised care for neuromuscular
conditions, including SMA. Coordinated care through a
neurologist is recommended, and SMA clinics offer
proactive care.

Personal stories

Can-do attitude

Can do attitude girl
Can do attitude girl
Can do attitude girl

Posted by: Michaela

“No matter what, I tackle every challenge with a can-do attitude, and if I can’t do it, I’ll give it my best shot. I love to challenge disability misconceptions as I believe we are differently abled – for me personally this means there’s things I cannot do for myself such as I cannot dress myself independently. But I can cook, paint, and write with a pen in my mouth just to name a few things! I focus on the things I can do, not what I can’t. I love the beach, the outdoors, cocktails, doing and buying way too much make-up, travelling, concerts and rap. I always challenge any barrier in my way, often to my own forgetfulness that I am in fact wheelchair bound. This is often forgotten by myself when I agree to work interstate only to get home and boom it hits me that things take a lot more planning than many can fathom – myself included! I soon came to realise especially when I travelled overseas – which is something I never considered before – that things don’t always go to plan. But that’s when we have to retake and try again! Try that today and start your day with things that you like to do. I bet you can do heaps and that’s awesome but there’s some things that you will need some better upgraded arms to achieve – so sometimes we need to let others help out a little stubborn one!”

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